Jeep Brand Follows One Record-Breaking Year with Another in 2013

Save for a few diehard fans, sales records are usually more exciting to folks in the automotive industry. Of course, whenever we learn about one of our favorites crashing through a new ceiling, our Stewart Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram staff is psyched, but we wouldn't necessarily expect your average Colma, CA Jeep brand driver to jump on the victory train. When there are global implications, though, it would be plain irresponsible not to fill you in.

The Jeep brand has set a global sales record, delivering over 730,000 units worldwide in 2013. What’s more, they broke their previous all-time high which was set just the previous year. At this point you're likely wondering what accounts for the surges.

Well, it looks as though it's a true team effort led by the luxurious Jeep Grand Cherokee. Right behind the big guy, the iconic 4 x 4 that this brand was launched upon, carried its share of the load. But would you really expect anything less of the Wrangler?

Rounding out the lineup, the all-new Jeep Cherokee came in with 31,330 units delivered. Of course that pales in comparison to the Grand Cherokee's 255,005, but when you consider that the new crossover has only been available for two complete months, things sound quite a bit more impressive. In fact, the Cherokee is off to such a strong start that Jeep bosses are taking on new employees and ramping up production, expecting to produce 250,000 models in 2014.

To catch a little of the enthusiasm for yourself, stop by our Colma Jeep dealer today and we'd be happy to show you any one of these popular vehicles.

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