Dodge to Release New 2014 Durango Special Service Edition

Everyone is looking for something slightly different in an auto, which is why automakers offer a variety of different cars in their lineups, including our beloved American automaker, Dodge.

Dodge has produced a new model that targets nearly every type of driver, including  new Dodge vehicles for those needing an auto for professional reasons, for instance, police and fire departments and a variety of other more general fleets.

For example, Dodge produced the new 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service to cater to these fleets. The Durango Special Service edition is not only fuel efficient earning up to 25 mpg, extremely skilled and versatile, and is powered by a new 8-speed transmission that allows the SUV to tow up to an impressive 7,400 lbs.

But, the standard features are just the beginning, the Durango Special Service also features unique details designed specifically for its intended audience, including a heavy-duty braking package, dominant battery, an alternator for a larger power output (220 amp), a heavy-duty water pump/engine oil cooler and a suspension to level its load.

The Dodge Durango Special Service is produced in the United States in one of Chrysler’s many production facilities. The American automaker’s fleet group is currently ready for ordering, and the Durango Special Service Edition will be available sometime before year’s end.

Have you found yourself with questions about this specific fleet vehicle? Or, are you interested in another new Dodge car? Regardless, bring your questions down to Stewart Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Colma, CA. Upon your arrival a member of our team will be ready to answer all of your questions, and will compare models to help you find the new Dodge car that suits your lifestyle.

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