We All Have to Work to Achieve Greatness, Even Miguel Cabrera

All of us have to start at the bottom, even if we're now one of the greatest baseball players in the world.  Greatness takes work, determination, and a lot of luck, and even if you're as talented as Miguel Cabrera, you have to work your way to the top.

The same goes for designing and building some of the greatest new cars in the world.  Chrysler has worked hard for decades to become one of the leading producers of vehicles, and Americans appreciate and recognize the brand for its award-winning models and all that it has done to get where it is today.

Take a moment to watch the following YouTube  video, and you'll see exactly what we mean.  Vehicles like the Chrysler 300 and Town and Country take years of hard work to come into creation, and if you're ready to experience all that they have to offer for yourself, stop by Stewart Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram here in Colma, CA today.

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