Walter P. Chrysler Museum to House Chrysler Auto Show

Every year, the Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association puts on an auto show for the public. This car show is open to the public and highlights a variety of unique models and innovations that Chrysler has developed throughout time.  We have mostly highlighted some of the models and technologies right here on our Stewart Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM blog before, however today we are interested in the location in which the event is taking place.

Many of you Chrysler enthusiasts may remember that the Walter P. Chrysler Museum closed its doors at the beginning of the year. The museum was the home to numerous iconic Chrysler models, and 60-70 of these are still housed behind the closed doors. On June 8, Chrysler enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire these vehicles once again at the auto show, which has a muscle car theme this year. In addition to a few of the classics like the Chrysler 300, there will be exclusive concepts, and powerful engines on display. All event proceeds will be donated to a local Detroit charity.

For those of you who have been searching for something fun to do at the beginning of summer, or are a Chrysler enthusiast who wants to experience a piece of the automaker's history we encourage you to take part. For additional information please visit: Or if you would like to learn more about the museum itself please go to:

It doesn't matter what you decide, Stewart  Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has your back.  Interested in a specific model in our new Chrysler lineup? Stop by our Colma, California showroom today. We are conveniently housed at  800 Serramonte Blvd . Upon your arrival one of our Chrysler experts will share vehicle details with you, and answer any questions you might have.

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